Nov. 11th, 2007

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I suggest traveling light
It's the only way to go
Whether you take the highway
Whether you take the byway
Always take the narrow road
Whether by sunshine
Whether by moonlight
Enjoy your view
That's something that
No one else can do for you

There are rolling green hills
You've never seen
And there's so much blue
Waiting around the corner for you
So don't weep too long
'Cause you're almost home
Just sing a pilgrim song
As you travel on

Put one foot in front of the other
And pilgrim, you will soon discover that
There will be cold streams when you're thirsty
There will be sunshine even in the clouds, so
Don't look back, don't get sidetracked
Just walk on

And pilgrim, when you walk alone
Think about, sing about, dream about home

(Josh Bales, "Pilgrim Song")

This song has been my theme for the past year: a wanderer far from all she's known for the first two decades of her life, assured by God that there are "rolling green hills [I've] never seen" and that despite the dreary days -- the Novembers of life -- there remains "so much blue" around the corner. At certain times it is easier to believe that there are good things around the bend than at other times. Just now is one of those other times.

Why is it so easy to fall into a downward spiral of doubt? How can I question my worth when I know that Jesus saw my life as worthy of His ultimate sacrifice?

Because I have an enemy who is the father of lies. Because he not only goes around like a roaring lion, but also disguised as an angel, whispering lie after lie into my ears under the guise of "self-deprication" or "humility." True humility does not involve wallowing in my shortcomings. It does not mean assuming every problem is my fault and bearing a load of guilt on my back. True humility creates joy because it means I stop thinking about myself and start thinking about others and their needs.

I want to be acceptant of the past, excited about the present, and peaceful about the future. Show me how, Lord.


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